Limited time Publication
    About AVABEL
    - Open Beta Test in Japan now.
    - It is only Japanese language & Japanese server
    - It is a communication line test.
    Follow us if you are interested in the English version!

    [1/31 add comment]
    The new functions that were mentioned on 1/25 for the JP version will be in the next update, maybe around next week.
    And after that, the next big UPDATE will be, yes the English Version!
    We are doing are best for the release, planned to be released on March!

    [1/30 add comment]
    We described it later, you will create a Facebook page for AVABEL

    [1/25 add comment]
    The next big update server JP in February
    And of course these functions will be in the English Version too!
    - Strengthening the new system
    - Time Attack Mission System
        Solo / Party / Guild
    - Item production system
    - PvP debuff to slow down the leader
    - lv35/lv45 additional weapons and armor
    - To a maximum of six party members
    - 100 to your friends list
    - Adjustment of the skill
    - Bug fixes

    [1/23 add comment]
    We are reading your review comments every day.
    Our staff members are highly motivated from your great comments and reviews!
    Thank you!

    The English version is being developed to be released on March.

    We made a Twitter page, but do you also wish for a Facebook page?
    Depending on the responses we will make one.
    Give us your thoughts!

    [1/21 add comment]
    This is a limited time release so this GooglePlay page will be opened until the end of this month.
    We will add comments until then, but after this page is closed we will release information on the twitter below.
    Follow us if you are interested in the English version!

    [1/18 add comment]
    Official AVABEL English version Twitter released.
    AVABEL English version will continue to provide information on Twitter

    There were many good responses so we will develop at highest priority
    The English version will be released in about two months!!

    - Online non targeting Action RPG
    - Android/iOS can play with a common server together.
    - PvP/GvG by 100 persons.
    - Achievement/Daily achievement

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