Online RPG Celes Arca



Notification of Beta Test End


Thank you for enjoying CelesArca Online RPG.

The main contents of Beta Test that are security check and Web shop examination, that have completed.
Beta Test will be finished.
All Server will be closed with end of Beta Test.
We are greatly appreciate for your cooperation.

We will do our best to further improve quality of gameplay based on the result of this Beta Test.
Your kind cooperation would be much appreciated when we provide our application again.

■Character Data
Some of characters and Items data has been undergone a change by violation, therefore all data will be deleted.
Please kindly understand the situation.

■Date of Beta Test End
20:00(PST) Tue Oct.23.2012

■Plan of Official Version
We are planning to provide Beta Test once again.
Date will be announced on official website as soon as our decision made.

New version of application install will might be announced on current installed application of CelesArca Beta version.

We look forward to see you again.

Beta Test will be finished soon however wish to continuously enjoy CelesArca.

Thank you,


Online RPG (MMORPG) with 10 trillion dressing patterns
Over 10 trillion character making patterns! Full-scale 3D online RPG playable on your Android device!
"Celes Arca" is a online RPG (MMORPG) enjoyable by making your own character with combinations of abundant avatars and equipments.
Full 3D beautiful graphics and real time communications such as simultaneous cooperative play and chat as in PC online RPGs can be enjoyed.
Battles with full imapct and vast worlds. Lets go out to an adventure to the fantasy world connected online worldwide!

■Over 10 trillion dress patterns
"Build your one and only character with combinations of various avatars and equipments and go out to an adventure.
The combinations are over 10 trillion!"

■Find your own style
An job change will occur as you advance on your adventure, you can develop your character to various jobs such as Fighter type, Gunner type, and Mage type.

■Many elements to play such as rasing pets
In Online RPG Celes Arca, there are many elements to play, like going out to an adventure with the pet you raised, or solving peoples issues by accepting quests.

■The story of Online RPG Celes Arca
"Mysterious rocks and buildings that where fallen down form the sky in the ancient times.
You have volunteered in the group of knights called Templum knight, to go on a adventure and discover the hidden side of the world--."

■An commnad type battle with an encount system
An simple game system with a general commnad type battle is used so people who have never played an Online RPG (MMORPG) can easily enjoy the game.

■General game play is free
"All functions are playable in the free course.
Monthly subscription courses feature privileges such as monthly in game coin additions, 30% off on the items in shops, and many more."

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