The classic Pacman continuation! ! !

PAC-Deluxe is a popular puzzle game.

This is a classic combination of retro arcade game PacMan XONIX.

They combined a very exciting game.

Worth a try! ! !

A mysterious one. Someone says he is a disciple of the legendary Pacman,
or just being a legend himself. And now, the legend is back in action!
Embrace the journey and seal all the ghosts with him. T
he rule is quite simple: fill 60% of the map and you win the game!

The enemies in Pac are known as "ghosts" and "monsters".
Despite the seemingly random nature of the enemies,
their movements are strictly deterministic,
which players have to use to their advantage.

Red: removes panels under it.
Pink: moves on spaces only.
Cyan: moves on panels only.
Orange: moves on borderlines only.

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