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Peasman Run and Jump - retro's review


Peasman Run and Jump is a classic-inspired platformer game

  • Tilt controls
  • Simple hand-drawn graphics
  • Three environments, 21 levels
  • Childish

"Bumpkin? Who are you calling bumpkin?"

This version is set in retro graphics.

Platformers are trendy again 20 years later thanks to smartphones and tablets. Some of them have been enhanced regarding graphics and controls. Others keep faithful to its essence. It doesn't matter: they remain as playable as we remember them. However, new smart devices allow developers to add new features: like tilt controls and social network integration. That's Peasman Run and Jump's case.

Peasman is a new super hero with less-noble goals: he's crazy about gold and beer. You have to help him to collect gold and find barrels of good beer. The faster you perform both things, the higher score you'll get. Nonetheless, Peasman won't be able to leave the level unless he finds first the key. After drinking beer Peasman becomes more aggressive what will allow him to blow up enemies.

There are up to 21 levels, 3 different environments. Don't be too confident if you beat first levels easily. It becomes harder. One of its strongest point is its scenery: simple hand-drawn graphics that become even more interesting on its retro version. The game is tilt-controlled and ad-supported.

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