Pirate Vinniezombie killer



Pirates Vinnie - zombie killer (1st Vinny The Viking), text Pinney Pirates like to kill zombies, he is a person against the zombie horde! The evil soldiers stole Vinnie Crystal Skull,
 The Vikings turned into a zombie! Be the pirates to recapture the ancient crystal skull legendary players and defeat evil zombie overlord!
 Game Features
 - Shoot and cut their way through hordes of zombies hiding in the dark when needed.
 - More than 20 different types of weapons, including throwing ax zombie fighting, machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and a secret experimental weapons brandished!
 - In different areas, including snow land, cities, bunkers, even on the flight of aircraft over six zombies chase!
 - Vinny see pirate skiing exciting part of the scene, the entire Berlin over skydiving, jet packing!