Planet Zarf's Space Arena



Planet Zarf’s Space Arena pits two fictional space ships against each other with a swirl of stars and space in the background. There are several spacecraft available to choose from – each with their own unique characteristics. Designed for larger tablets, players control their vehicle by simply touching the intuitive controls on each end of their Android device. This two-player game focuses on gameplay that will keep players coming back for more.
Technical Notes:

This game was designed for larger tablets with the capability of handling multiple simultaneous touch points, as it is a key gameplay aspect for each player to have his or her fingers touching the controls on each side of the screen during play. For preview and demonstration purposes only, this application has been compiled to run on smaller screens and older devices than is optimal for gameplay. If you are previewing this game on such an older device, you may need to enable the developer option in the settings area of your device to show touches in order to physically see how many simultaneous touches your device is processing to determine how many fingers can physically be touching the screen of your specific device at one time and adjust your gameplay style accordingly.

Concerning installation permissions, Planet Zarf’s Space Arena stores a small settings file (storing your sound preference, for instance) on your device and also requests that your device not go to sleep during gameplay. If you choose to install this game, you may be asked whether or not to install and allow this application to do these two things.