POTC Event Planner (Free)




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    Remember how in the old days of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online it was very difficult to accomplish tasks due to the lack of player coordination? Well, say good-bye to that! With POTC Event Planner, you can now post and search events that you want multiple pirates to coordinate in. Say good-bye to those plagued fight zones and any other related setback.

    ***Disclaimer: This software is in no state of violating Disney POTC Online's terms of use. The trademark "Pirates of the Caribbean Online" or any implied variants is the sole property of Disney Incorporated. All other forms of unmentioned intellectual property are the property to their respective owners. The Android application "POTC Online Event Planner" is an aftermarket application that does not perform any actions including but not limited to: actual game playback of the game or modification of any information on the game servers. The only thing that this app does is act as a classifieds panel for coordinating events ABOUT Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online and nothing more.*** The application "POTC Online Event Planner" in function is the determined property of the houstonhilton74.***