Road Runner Classic

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    i think everybody like the road runner cartoon ... and if you get your favorite cartoon in the form of game then,
    Yes !!!! Your favorite classic game Road Runner now for you android phone.
    In order to escape, Road Runner runs endlessly to the left while the landscape scrolls by.
    In addition to avoiding the coyte, the road runner must pick up bird seeds on the street, avoid obstacles like cars, and get through mazes.
    Coyte will just run after the Road Runner, but he occasionally uses tools like rockets, roller skates, and pogo-sticks.
    The roller skates are noted for having rockets on them, and are used if the Road Runner gets too far away from Coyte.
    The permanent hunt makes the game very fast-paced and captures the spirit of the cartoon very well. Screenshot of Road Runner (arcade version).
    The Road Runner dies if the Coyote catches him, he is hit by a car (which pushes him offscreen), steps on a land mine, or if he falls from a cliff.
    Getting hit by falling boulders will stun him, giving the Coyte a chance to catch up. However, if the Coyte is hit by a boulder while capturing the Road Runner, he will be squashed, and the Road Runner will get another chance.
    The Road Runner also needs to eat the bird seed, because when he misses 5 of them, he will faint and his opponent can easily get him. The player has three lives initially and can obtain extra lives by reaching a certain number of points.

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