Robo Crusher

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    Robo Crusher is an amazing challenging puzzle game. There was a huge warm, Robots tried to invade earth, we had to release an huge bomb.

    Set objects to pop,atract, bounce and crash between them.
    Your goal is to help us in the robot crashing process. There are many obstacles such as:

    - Dynamite
    - Alloy Wheels
    - Magnets

    Each level is more challenging that the previous one


    - Lots of levels
    - Extremely addictive gaming.
    - Over 12 different tools to improve your chances
    - Awesome achivements
    - Use springs, dynamite, magnets, wheels and more!
    - We believe so much in this game that we will add several new more levels soon!
    - Warning: You will need to scratch your head for hours! :)

    Tech Features:

    - Awesome graphics and sound effects.

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