RoboRivals Multiplayer



Join the RoboRivals robot universe and play free competitive multiplayer games (**previously known as Warbots**). Highlights include:

- CUSTOMIZABLE BOTS - build your own robot and personalize it as you desire.

- COMPETE IN THE WORLDWIDE LEAGUE - play in the RoboRivals worldwide league in a highly competitive fighting game of skill.

- CHALLENGE FRIENDS TO A DUEL - invite your friends to a best-of-3-rounds match and show them your skill!

- LAY WASTE ON OPPONENTS USING YOUR PLASMA RIFLE - pull the slingshot-based plasma gun to shoot at your opponent.

- CHOOSE AMONG 9 AWESOME ABILITIES - gain an edge over your opponent by using special abilities.

- BULLET-TIME MODE FOR EVEN MORE COMPLEX STRATEGIES - hit the round robot to activate bullet-time mode and slow down time - and create even more ways to destroy and outclass your opponent!

"I enjoy playing Angry Birds but really miss the challenge of competing against another person. With RoboRivals' Plasma Duel I can challenge my friend to a PvP duel and show him who's the boss!" - Steven N.

"RoboRivals' Plasma Duel is like Mortal Kombat meets Angry Birds. I had tons of fun playing this fast-paced action game!" - Nik K.

"RoboRivals' Plasma Duel is taking the Gun Bros Multiplayer PvP Bro vs. Bro Deathmatch and cranking it up to 11." - John K.

"I like how simple the game is to pick up with its Angry Birds like slingshot. But I LOVE the depth that the different abilities offer." - Andy R.

The game requires Internet connection (3G, 4G, or WiFi) and has in-app purchases in the form of He-3 cans.

We hope you enjoy our free competitive multiplayer game and spend many hours challenging your friends to a PvP 1v1 duel and playing in the worldwide league.

Thanks for playing. GL & HF!

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