Rolly Poly - Cut & Slice



This cute little creature, Rolly Poly, is standing on a mountain and just wants to go back home. Help him get there by slicing the ground with your finger enabling him to roll into his home.
As the levels get more intense, rocks start exploding, bouncing and splitting making your chances to get Rolly Poly home even more complicated. Will you be able to slice and roll Rolly Poly home?
Enjoy 75 addictive levels with realistic physics engine in a very challenging game.
Finished all levels? Try to complete all levels faster with fewer slices and earn 3 stars!

Game Features:
- 5 episodes with 75 levels.
- 7 different ground types, provides enjoyable & challenging game play.
- Realistic physics engine.

Note:The game collects and sends small amount of data of anonymous statistical information for continuing improvements of the game play. The data doesn't contain personal or location information.

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