Run! Boy free



There're two main character, a boy and a girl, you can choose either of them. He or she need to complete five different levels on a crazy Earth. You can use a slash attack or a mid-air kick, or use the Hyper Bomb (special pick up item). You can climb up and down walls, and you can also hang on to the ceiling while doing a jump if you press up they will do a power jump until they begin to fall (very similar to the "king of fighters" or "super Mario").
In each of the 5 levels, there will be multiple minor bosses and one final boss at the end of each stage. These battles are noted when an alert message appears on the screen. You need to collect health pickups and weapon enhancers to defeat the final boss.
Good Luck! It's full of Fun!.
-- Five different levels.
-- Two main characters to choose from,each with different skills.
-- Finely tuned controls for arcade game.
-- 7 skills to kill enemies.
-- More than dozens of weapon.

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