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    SC2 Audio Builds gives you professional Starcraft 2 builds in audio form. We tell you out loud and in real-time what to build and when to build it while you play. Try some epic MarineKing play-styles, some insane White-Ra special tactics, some sick Stephano macro, and much much more! We've got 40 builds for you to add to your arsenal and hone your skills.

    This app is suitable for all skill levels. The builds give the professional timings by default, but for less-skilled players, there are options to slow down the build to suit your ability better. If you are falling behind, you can easily pause for 3 seconds by the click of a button as well.

    The build starts when you tap anywhere on the screen right after you start your second worker. This makes it so when your game starts, you can be focused on the game. Then, at the first lull in the game (about 17-22 seconds into the game), you start the audio build and it picks up where you are in the game.

    Features include:
    Record your win/loss stats of each build.
    Use slower timings based on your League placement (Grandmaster, Masters, etc.)
    Real time updates of what your supply should be, as well as your supply capacity.
    View the last 2 commands and the next 3, with the very next command easily visible.
    Light on the battery.
    13 Terran Builds, 13 Protoss Builds, 14 Zerg Builds
    Great developer support. Submit a request and we'll be on it ASAP.

    Each audiobuild in the list contains a link to give you tips on performing the builds as well. Builds come from teamliquid's, as well as other build websites. Showing build orders and extra info in a nice clean format with updates to come on new builds that are made. As well as videos on how to perform most of the builds and links to pages that explain the builds, of why they are good, how to follow them up and ways to react to the other persons build. With 40 builds and always growing.
    Current Starcraft 2 patch: 1.4.3

    Dominate opponents in Starcraft 2 with awesome build orders timed perfectly! SC2AudioBuilds is a build order timer with real time spoken audio commands for Starcraft 2. SC2 AudioBuilds will help you execute build orders (Terran, Zerg, and Protoss) with spoken vocal and text cues while you play. SC2Builds can often be difficult to figure out but SC2 Audio Builds helps you to learn the builds in real-time. It’s great for new players and also for veterans looking to master a new race or build order. Just like with chess, starting your game strategically is important in winning, so download SC2Audio Builds to help you enhance your SC2 build orders.

    StarCraft 2 is considered by some to be an actual professional sport, where pro players are battling each other in big tournaments for huge amounts of money and fame. It's also quite spectacular to watch. It's actually sometimes televised, and there are real TV channels out there, dedicated to broadcasting SC2 events. With this app, you'll be able to play at the same level as some of the most intense, amazing players.

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