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    Join scorpio as he march into infinity battle. simply swipe the screen up, down, right, or left to unleash 1 hit kill attack to 4 various types of enemy.

    Swipe up to cast anti-gravity spell which sends knight up, swipe down to cast fireball from the sky to burn the wizards, swipe left to shoot an arrow to kill swordsmen with a chance for the arrow to pierce through and hit another unlucky swordsmen at the back and swipe right to swing sword to kill rangers. Enemies are immune to all attacks from Scorpio except to one of their weakness which can kill them with 1 hit kill.

    rangers can only be killed by sword,
    knights can only be killed by anti-gravity spell,
    wizards can only be killed by fireball, and
    swordsmen can only be killed by an arrow.

    See how long can you last, and how many can you kill before they kill you as the enemies will spawn more frequently as the time progress.
    Your brain reflexes will be tested. :)

    Simple yet cute looking character with stick arms and legs.

    Easy to play, casual and non-complex game.

    You can just grab your device, start the game and enjoy countless of hours of gameplay or even for just a couple of minutes.


    product feature;
    • Swipe Screen to perform 4 different types of attack
    • Infinite wave of enemies
    • 4 types of enemy
    • Each enemy with immunity and weakness to certain attacks
    • Enemies can only be killed by its weakness
    • Waves gets more frequent/faster after some time
    • Easy to play
    • Cute animation
    • Cartoony character with stick arms and legs
    • Infinite replayability
    • Casual easy game which you can just grab and play for hours of even for just couple of minutes

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