Shark Blockade




    Let’s play shark blockade for free on Android!

    This is a breakout clone. To play, select "Play" from the main menu. Then select the level you want to play. To move the paddle, touch below the paddle and move your finger left and right accordingly. If playing on an emulator, click on the paddle and drag the paddle left and right.

    The goal of this game is to destroy all colored blocks and bomb blocks.

    Power-ups can either help you or hinder you.

    Sharks are the main obstacle of the game. If your ball comes into contact with a shark, it will be eaten. Sharks can only be killed with the harpoon power-up. However, another will come to take its place after a while.

    There are also several creatures that will attempt to impede your play. Jellyfish will fall from the top pf the screen. If a jellyfish comes in contact with the paddle, it will stun the paddle, stopping it from moving. Fish will deflect the ball if the ball hits them. They may be considered mobile indestructible blocks.

    You can get 4 buttons including play, instructions, high score and exit here.

    Enjoy your shark blockade game and have endless fun!

    Download this free application Shark Blockade here now and you can have a good weekend.

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