Shooter: Sector 11



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** Update 1.22 **
-Fixed bug possibly released in version 1.2
-Please email me at if there are crashes!
-24 new free levels added!
-7 more boss fights added!

Japanese-style top-down shooter (Danmaku / Shmup)!

Play as Aya through over 100 levels in this action shooter as she tries to uncover why an influx of wanderers and terrors have attacked HQ and Sector 11.

-Pick one of three weapons: Spread, Beam, or Homing Mines.
-Slow time: Use multi-touch to slow time. While keeping one hand controlling Aya, use another finger to activate or deactivate slow-mode.
-Relative-touch control system: intuitive and customizable controls for fluid gameplay. Keep your fingers far below the character so even the biggest fingers won't cover your character!

"A shooter you can't put down!"

Keywords: Shooter, Danmaku, Touhou, Cave, Ten Desires, Dodonpachi, Gigawing, HD, Ikaruga, phoenix, scarlet, shmup, Shoot 'em up, subterranean animism, top-down shooter, エスプガルーダ 虫姫さま 東方

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