Solstice's review

by Peter Warrior

A 3D strategy space game.

  • True 3D environment and great use of Unity3D
  • Runs on nearly every Android device
  • Doesn't require permissions to run
  • May we ask for a solar system editor?

"Conquering the galaxy in the early morning"

Solstice is a 3D strategy game where you have to colonize the most productive planets and destroy enemy fleets. Everybody will agree that this approach isn't original at all, but it there's no need to talk about furry dwarves wearing leather hoods to recreate space battles, if you know what I mean.

Gameplay stands on its own: gather resources, build starships, conquer planets and keep them till the end of the game. 3D graphics are very, very smooth and clean, and it's easy to hover around thanks to a simple yet highly effective UI and an intuitive system to move from here to there and thence to wherever the action is. And by 3D, we say true 3D so e.g., disc-shaped star systems are fully enjoyable and lets your mind fly away wondering if there will be an editor in some incoming update.

There's a step by step tutorial and an online handbook in case you aren't savvy enough. There are an adequate ambient creepy music and some voices. Solstice may not be a big budget space themed game, but it's been made with care and you can bet that the developer put his soul into it.

Have in mind that Deepseaweed is a one man project and Solstice is a very ambitious game, somehow a light version of great computer games as Homeworld. Anyway, it'll worthy to give it a go for every strategy gamer out there. Don't let you be fooled by the EGA-like graphics, there's a brainy strategy game inside, unputdownable once you catch the basics after a few minutes.

This is the donate version to help the cause and its developer to bring further updates.

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