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Use the accelerometer to avoid obstacles along the way

  • Supports 3D Glasses
  • Cool graphics
  • Enviable game response
  • Online leaderboard Feint platform
  • Doesn't run in HTC Wildfire
  • Needs something else: maybe collecting stuff or chasing opponents

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"Avoid the obstacles in a 3D tunnel race"

Gameplay is simple: move forward and dodge the obstacles. There’s no vehicle- it's a POV race. Its strong points are the psychedelic 3D graphics and the interface that reminds us of classic games like Wipeout or F-Zero. SpeedX 3D is also the only game that’s been developed for supporting 3D glasses. If you have a pair, give it a go and feel the experience. As is the norm with this kind of game, the soundtrack is electronic music- we found it a bit crappy, to be honest.

The controls work with the accelerometer (all you have to do is move your device), so with large screen devices and 3D glasses you’ll really feel like you’re steering the thing. An awesome game for tablets (Xoom and Galaxy Tabs). You can also control it with the Zeemote, by enabling Bluetooth.

The game response is enviable: no lag, no forceclosings. What's more, you can share your scores on the Feint online leaderboard. All that’s missing is something other than just avoiding obstacles: maybe collecting stuff or chasing after other vehicles.

This is the free version which has the same amount of levels as the paid version but with ads.

SpeedX 3D was developed by HyperBees Ltd, a promising mobile game developer who has launched several great titles such as Pyxidis, Prism3D or JellyBalls, among others.

SpeedX 3D Free is a game with a simple premise- but a hell of an addictive one! We’ve got to admit that the developers have done a great job. The experience of playing a mobile game with 3D glasses is something you simply cannot miss.

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