Your task is to control Spittr, a human spitting machine. Hit birds, cyclists, ships, airplanes and even a war tank! The smaller and faster the target, the better is the reward by hitting it. Turn yourself into a pro by earning gold medals, figuring at the top of world leaderboards and unlocking achievements!

    -- About the Game --
    The game features three gameplay modes:
    1) Minimum Score: the job here is to reach the minimum score; be sure not to waste the special spits, because they give you twice the points you'd normally get.
    2) Eliminate All Targets: spit at the targets and eliminate one by one. Points are not important within this objective, but time.
    3) One Shot: how is your accuracy? Hit the different target of each wave of targets. Hitting wrong targets makes you lose valuable seconds.

    -- Important Notes --
    Free version: play the first four levels which take place on a beach. Get a feel for all the gameplay modes available, and if you think you're up to the challenge, move up to the full version, which features more scenarios, levels and targets.
    Game updates: depending on user ratings, free updates will be available, featuring new scenarios, levels and general enhancements. So if you like the game, be sure to rate it. Bug fixes will be delivered as soon as possible.
    Internet access: required if you want to use the leaderboard and achievement features

    -- Other information --
    Keywords: free, app, game, spit, spitting, spitter, fun, great, many, scenarios, hit, targets, earn, medals, unlock, new, levels, achievements, trophies, leaderboards, rankings, be, fast, accurate, accuracy, feint, openfeint, enabled
    Permissions: most of the required permissions are needed for the OpenFeint library, which adds support for online leaderboards and achievements. Others are required to allow collecting data useful for bug fixing, if you care to send it to us.
    Acknowledgements: Reiner “Tiles” Prokein (graphics), Mario Zechner (great Android gaming book)

    Ok, now let's start spitting! Have fun!

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