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Super Dan Pro is a platformer inspired on Mario Bros adventures

  • Nostalgia
  • Entertaining
  • Controls
  • Levels are Mario Bros' replica
  • There isn't storyline

""Super Dan Bros""

Actually, levels are almost a replica of Mario Bros, even the pipes are still there. However, Dan isn't a plumber but a repairman, a guy which main weapon are hammers but which purpose is the same: collect rings and destroy all enemies on the way.

Gameplay is basically the same: jump over the enemies or hit them with your hammers to finish them all; jump over platforms and grab rings. Hit enigma boxes to find some power-ups. Reach the end of the level without falling down the water or being caught by enemies.

Graphics are 8-bit like the first titles of Mario Bros. It doesn't really matter, since platformers can be entertaining with old graphics too. There are some catches though: controls are a bit tricky, it should be enhanced regarding intuitiveness. Likewise, it needs a storyline, some cuts to understand why Dan is there. Mario's purpose was saving the princess from Koopa's claws. What's Dan there for?

If you're really into classic platformers, give this a go. However, we're warning you: it needs more developing work to reach basic standards.

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