Super Dodging Bear (Free)



Super Dodging Bear GO GO GO!

-------------------------------------THE STORY----------------------------
Do you still remember the Super Bear we played those years? Now, big bear will challenge a demanding task! The complex mash, familiar music, and the big bear Does it make you think of the happy childhood?
Come on~ Limit survival! As long as you can against the never-ending challenge!

------------------------------------HOW TO PLAY----------------------------
* Touch the start button to start the game.
* Move around and jump to evade the mechanisms and barriers in the game.
* When the game gets to the back, the mechanisms and barriers will move faster and faster. You must have a quick response and sharp action to avoid.
* Persist and earn more coins to get a great score.
* By the way, don't forget to eat the mushroom. You will get an unexpected effect!
* Good luck!

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