Super Luigi Wii U Walk Through

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    Across 82 stages of adventure, Mario's brother Luigi faces all-new challenges that provide gamer's with a whole new level of game play challenge. Luigi can jump higher than Mario, yet has trouble stopping after a dash. Many stages start with only 100 seconds on the timer, and quicker stages are populated with many obstacles. It's the Year of Luigi, and he has got his work cut out for him!
    Tells you how to upload the game prior to the release date or after the release date. $10 off regular price if you download it via Wii U.
    Contains wallpaper and more wallpaper to come
    We show you how to play as Invincible Nabbit, will not get hurt or die unless you get crushed between block or other items, will never die by enemies hand, great way to gin lots of extra lives.
    Contains the complete walk Through showing you all the secret Exits as well as all the star coins.
    Show power ups as well.

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