Super Matio Bros

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    “A fantastic yesteryear game in the style of Super Mario Bros, with all of the runnin’ and jumpin’ you could ask for on your phone.”
    Run, jump and dash while you collect items and power-ups to earn more points and abilities.
    Let us present the marvellous world of Super Matio!

    “Super Matio's graphics are highly reminiscent of excellent platformers of the 16 bit era with some perfectly paired chiptune music to go along with them. Lovely pixel style !”

    A thief has stolen the mushroom present! Oh no! You are forced to chase it through levels filled with threats and dangers.. Watch out for evil monsters and furious turtles while you collect coins and power-ups . In miraculous surroundings Super Matio is a true retro game sensation.

    Hurry and get it back before it runs cold!

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