Tank War



There are so many tank models R & D by many countries. Have you ever drive one of them? Because of the limitation, rare people can drive the tank apart from the soldiers in army or in battlefield. But now you can drive any tank model as you like. Different country has different tank model according to their technical strength. We prepared you tanks in four countries: America, Soviet Union, China and Britain. Every country has their unparalleled tanks. The total number of tank model in this free app is about +40. And every type has a icon image, so you can get the appearance of the type in icons.
For example, America has M1A2, M3 Light Tank...while china has 59Tank, MBT 2000Tank and so on. You can choose any one you have interested in. If you do not know the tank's powerful of the model you choose, you can get knowledge from Wikipedia. We prepared you a link to every tank type. You need not input any words, can you enter the wiki page about this tank type.
1.It is a free app for all people in the word.
2.Prepared you four countries for you to choose.
3.Every country has their special tank type. It is about 40 type offered at all.
4.Have a tutorial first before the game.
5.You can search the highest score made about this game.
6.Press start training, you can see a running tank and you can control the tank by pressing the volume button. After pressing volume button, you can fire the bomb out. It will offer you a score according to your shot speed and if you hand mobile stable when you fire out! Please open your volume before shooting or you can not hear the shooting sound.
7.Offer you a link to Wikipedia and help you know the basic knowledge about the type you choose.
8.Press game button to know more information about tanks. Press the read tutorial button under the text, you can know how to play this game with your mobile phone.
9.Back to home or former page with home and back button on the bottom of the page.
10.Supply us 5 starts to encourage us or introduce this free app to your friends. If you have any suggestion, you can also tell us through supply button.

In real life, having a war may injure many people and even lose lives. The power of tank really can heart others easily. But in our game, you can not only hear the tanks powerful sound and experience the exciting of firing with tank but also will never hurt others. Why don't you have a try? Download it now, try to drive a tank to shoot Chinese building (take it as an example). It will not let you down!

Tanks in the World War I are developed separately and simultaneously by the Great Britain and the France as a means to break the deadlock of trench warfare. Their first use is in combat by the British Army on September 15, of 1916 at Flers-Courcelette, during the Battle of the Somme. The term "tank" is adopted in Great Britain during the early stages of their development, as a security measure to conceal their purpose (see Etymology). The Germany developed and built the A7V but could just produce 20 units of it due to lacking of capacities or some resources.