Arcade Tank Force In this game, players operate a tank, you must destroy all computer-controlled enemy tanks and protect their base. In the game, the base is an eagle icon. Each level has 20 enemy tanks. If his base, the eagle was shot, or the players all tanks have all been destroyed, the game will cease. Field size is 13 by 13. Each level of the terrain and obstacles are different. For example, a brick wall can be any of the parties tanks destroyed, but the steel wall of the players can only be upgraded tanks destroyed. Trees can block the player's line of sight, but has no effect on computer-controlled tanks. Tanks can not cross the water but bullets, tanks will become slippery snow. There are four enemy tanks, different from the armor. Computer intelligence also slowly increase the number of press Off. Flashing red enemy tanks will be destroyed after leaving can help players items, such as adding a life, tank upgrades, the base wall upgrades and so on.

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