The Expendables VS Zombies



This is a city full of killing , here is the world of zombies , humans cemetery. In order to survive , in order to honor, you must stand on the starting point of slaughter , step by step onto the end of the road. Bring your weapons , ending the killing of the world it.
* A variety of guns to choose from, different guns, bring different experiences.
* Different weapons upgrade strategy , experience different game fun.
* Multiple game modes for you to choose .
* A variety of zombie monsters, each of which is geographical demons.
* Down with Boss, get more achievements and awards.

You totally alone in this bloody city. You can see around you zombies, zombies and zombie , the fate of mankind rests in your shoulder. Kill ? Or going to die? Cry hide ? Or fight to survive ? Look . The world is bleeding and struggle, suffering and death .

Come on ! Do not be a coward. Pick up your gun and save the world !
Enjoy a variety of powerful guns in your hands !
Enjoy fantastic weapons systems to bring you great happiness .
Free to choose a different killing modes , as long as you like.
You will be exposed to a lot of demons and monsters , this may be your nightmare.

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