The final archerv



The new blast of arcade games!!!
Action movies that go beyond the spectacle!
The first time in 2012! The best! Max! Declaration!
Feel the essence of all sorts of homemade!

Everyone can enjoy easier
Convenient interface and balancing!

The new legendary bow wakes up in 2012!
Who is the best that doelja shrine!

Go now for the tough games!

Really easy -
Really easy -
Really funny ~
~ Game is really addictive!

Easy for anyone ages can enjoy fun ^ ^

[A very easy way to Shrine Game]
A. A variety of on-screen target, noryeobonda ~
Two. Nears the target, according to the timing screen Flick! To touch!
Three. Should check your score!

Swieun games than not!
Who is who will be Shrine!
Challenge now!

Imagine more! Shrine! Lightning released!
Second definition goes beyond the existing arcade game
FHD + Graphics!

I just robithut! In the film could feel
Dunn fantastic hitting the!

Pyeolcheo grand scale throughout the world that is!

Season does not get bored with the introduction of the system
Various stages!

How to participate Shrine gift items
Reviews, ratings, write katokhaeseo 3000 won the item
Receipt of gifts

Katok: Hi Lani (hirani) Beauty operators!

How to participate ** **
A. Shrine can be downloaded.
Two. Store or Market pages and games rated
   Should write reviews.
Three. Items to insist kakaohtok ID hirani.
Four. How to write
[Shrine] Your phone number (input)
Ratings and reviews was written!
Please Mani Mani items ♥ ♥ (Hart hit that!)

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