The fishing people show Super



"Fishing people show up," a Joyreach Games developed the world's first real-time online games real Battle fishing. The game screen is beautiful, rich in content, the first online battle mode, players can be anywhere in the underwater world with other players in the global interactive and Battle!
Du Fu was busy, favorite fishing people show up! The real battle, and has surpassed Sarkozy 8 little skirt! Gun fight the beauty fish grasping Lvmao, turtles, networking, PK, cool to the chrysanthemum burst!
Versus social game in the history of the most popular real "the fishing people show up" turned out!
April beta send prize! 100 players reach level 8 awards leveling Hao Li! The Principal Award price, the value of million Samsung's high-end flat-panel computer!
Open service wins, Hao Li sent every day, heroes, play me!

v2.0.0.7 version update content
The gameplay significantly updated:
1. Increase chat system
2. Increased expression system
3. Adding new props
Add new stadium
5. Fixes some bugs

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