The History Of Xanara



In the year 1896 the dark wizard Aleister discovered a secret gate to the forgotten land called
"Xanara". With his strong magic and with no mercy he won against all the brave guards of the old king
and climbed the throne to become immortal.

When the sword of the last guard felt to the ground some old power rised up. A call was sent to earth
to find a real hero. With a last spell Aleister changed the direction of the call to somewhere in the future.
Today, the legends of Xanara speak of a hero who will bring peace and freedom back to the country.
But years are passing by.

We've now the year 1986. It's midnight...and your adventure starts now!


- A retro action roleplay game.
- An epic story
- Travel through different levels with special looks
- Different quests
- Fight legions of monsters
- Become a knight

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