War of the Machines RPG



War of the Machines RPG is a sci-fi action RPG inspired by the movies Matrix and Terminator.

The game features an engaging character levelling system, a SAVE/LOAD system to save your current progress, a pumping and atmospheric sci-fi soundtrack, and lengthy action-RPG gameplay.

It is the year 2100, humans and robots live side by side. The Zytek Corporation have created True Artificial Intelligence allowing robots to become sentient and aware. But eventually the robots betray their human makers and start to conquer the world. You play as a genetically engineered super soldier named Patient X and your mission is to end the war with the machines.

The structure and theme of the game was originally inspired by old traditional science-fiction role-playing games like Paranoia.

Developed by Robosoft Games (visit www.robosoftgames.com)

Note: The game requires an additional installation of Adobe AIR.

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