War of the Species Free



In the not so near future, various species have evolved on earth. Each is trying to prove their supremacy.
All the leaders have decided for a final face-off between the best warriors of each species. You have been selected to represent humanity. Your goal is to defeat all the other species and establish that humans are the best.

This game will not support Android Tablet.

Game Features:-
1. Take on the role of the ultimate human warrior ready to represent the human species
2. One-on-one fight with other intelligent species
3. Three cool weapons to choose from

You need to win 3 rounds to defeat an enemy.
You can attack the enemy only once you have picked up any one of the three weapons scattered throughout the level - Hell's Cannon, Hammer of death or Sword of Pain.
When one of the three weapons is picked by you, a weapon-usage indicator will be displayed above your head. Whenever the weapon is used for 8 times the indicator will get wear out and the weapon will be no longer in use till it is picked again.

Game Software (c) Zapak Mobile Games Pvt. Ltd.,
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This Game will work on devices with screen sizes 240x320,320x480,480x800,480x854

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