World Conflict Full Version


World Conflict Full Version's review

by Peter Warrior

A deep strategy game

  • Deep and brainy strategy game
  • Ten factions at once
  • No multiplayer options

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"Stay aside, Patton"

World Conflict might well be the paradise for strategy lovers: a nearly infinite replayability, a witty yet not dense gameplay spiced with a few but select options and unpredictable outcomes fruit of alliances and jeopardy.

Game's based on a simple principle about how many lands you have, hence how much money you are paid in. This money can be divided among several investments, namely war effort, technology or intelligence. The other part of the game is the intense jigsaw of alliances and betrayal, both between you and factions controlled by the AI and between AI controlled colors as well.

User interface could be qualified as poor, even a little bit muddled till you get the hang of it. Likewise, graphics are limited to minimum needed to play, though it's obvious that WC Studio hasn't made a priority of that, so collateraly it turns out to be a really good game to be played secretly while in the office or elsewhere where you wouldn't play otherwise. Besides, we hope for a multiplayer feature in any of the updates to come.

This complete version allows to play in all difficulty modes modes and gets you rid of ads.

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by Peter , Appszoom

Jun 27, 2013

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