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    Do you intrested in Chinese wushu/kungfu. Have you ever see the playing of yongchun? Do you know the great of Bruce Lee? Do you have interesting in watching Chinese kungfu movie? Chinese wushu is a kind of traditional artist and can protect and hit others when you encounter dangerious. It is with Korea Taekwondo, Muay Thai of Thailand are all popular and famous for their special skill in beating. BUt in real life, we even have no time to contact with kungfu. The most thing we know are almost all come from the TV or films. Now everyone can practice kungfu everywhere and every time.
    Wushu Practice is a free game played in android mobile phone or tablet. You can practice them on your own mobile phone. Althrough you can not know them in daily life, you can practice them on your mobile phone. This game/app has almost all popular wushu styles in Chinese. You can practice iron palm, multi-injuries fist and other tens of Chinese wushu related many martial arts.
    We classified all kungfu into three parts according to the weapon and power. One is power kungfu in which you need great power to play them and just as the name suggest, the power is great and almost nothing can stop them. You can kil the enimmiyes quickly. The second is speed first in which includes shadowless kick, wing chun fist and so on. All kungfu need you take a high speed and the quicker you are, the power it is and you will get high score.The third is accurate hit in which you need many hidden weapons like ice needle, flying dagger, flying guillotine and so on.
    I know you are interested the the game and Chinese kungfu but really do not know what the weapon and style used for and what power they have for the name is really complex in some degree. Do not worry about it. Because we prepared you an instruction about every kongfu and weapon. With the instruction, you can know what they mainly about and how great they are. If you do not know how to use your mobile to play the game after my expression, you can press tutorials to get the answer. It will tell you shake your mobile just like your hand or holding the weapon and press the volume button on your mobile to stop the behavior or fire the needle/or other weapon. You can hear the real sound of your moving. And the sound can make the game more realistic.
    There are also many shortcut button on the bottom of the game help you manage the game and make the game more conveniently. During the game, if you what to know more about the three kungfu type, you can press game features to know them clearly. If you what to back to home page, you can press home button to return or back button to return to former page.
    This is the great game of my had-app company, if you think it is good in some degree, please do not forget offer us five stars and if you have any suggestion, you can also tell us in this "supply" button. We will try hard to make more intresting games!

    Kung-fu or wushu are the terms that have been borrowed into English to refer to Chinese martial arts. But the Chinese terms kung fu and wushu About this sound listen (Mandarin) ; Cantonese: móuh-seuht) have different meanings; the Chinese literal equivalent of "Chinese martial art" would be Zhongguo wushu (Chinese called: 中國武術; pinyin: zhōngguó wǔshù).

    Wǔshù literally means "martial art". They are formed from the two words 武術: 武 (pinyin: wǔ), meaning "martial" or "military" and 術 (pinyin: shù), which translates into "discipline", "skill" and "method."

    The term wushu have also become the name for the modern sport of wushu, an exhibition and full-contact sport of bare-handed and weapons forms (Chinese name: 套路, pinyin: tàolù), adapted and judged to a set of aesthetic criteria for points developed since the year of 1949 in the People's Republic of China.

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