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Free game.
Please have fun playing.

When you run the the final version the game for free that will transition
the final version pop up window by pressing a toggle button and the game ends
the final version will run when you restart.

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Thank you.

-1- Game Introduction
In the process of growing the seed into a plant
you meet various
weird and cute characters
that add a different fun
to the first story of the Yeah Yeah Yeah world
Yeah Yeah Yeah appears!

-Grow It- The whimsical fairy of the sky
drops a seed and a boy plants it
and goes through this story in the process
Play With- The plants you met at play with
can be played with again
at a different level of difficulty

- Yeah Yeah Yeah with the Plants
When the game begins characterful
plants in rhythm
dance. At this moment, directly touch
the screen according to the hand gesture
to enjoy Yeah Yeah Yeah.

- Heckler Appears!
While excitingly doing Yeah Yeah Yeah, in the sky
bees, on the ground, moles being to gather one by one
and when a certain number gathers together they attack the plants
and make it difficult for them and even
kill them.
You must protect the plants!

- Move viewpoint to the sky
When the bees begin gathering in the sky
one bee on the upper right of the screen
appears. If you directly touch
the bee, the viewpoint is moved
to the sky and you must stop
the attack of the bees.

- Let's catch the bees
From the sky viewpoint, the bees one by one
attack the plants.
At this moment, when the bees come under the target
directly touch the target in the screen
to catch them
and if you catch all of them you return to Yeah Yeah Yeah.

- Move viewpoint to the ground -
When the moles gather together on the ground
the leader of the moles can be seen at the lower right
of the screen. If you directly
touch the mole below
the viewpoint moves to the ground
and you must stop the moles.

- Let's catch the moles
The moles attack from a maximum of three directions
and at a certain distance from the plants
they pop up their heads to see the location of the plants
and you can catch the moles
by directly touching them according to their direction.
If you catch all of them, you return to Yeah Yeah Yeah.

- Disco -
If satisfaction of the plants increases during the game
disco mode becomes activated for a certain amount of time
and when you succeed in Yeah Yeah Yeah you recover points and health
so that health does not
decrease and you can catch bees or moles
before disco mode ends.

- Frustration -
If you continue to make mistakes during Yeah Yeah Yeah
plants become frustrated and for a period of time
they act in a strange manner, and Yeah Yeah Yeah
becomes impossible, sharply cutting your health.
If ther is little health left
plants may collapse where they stand.

- Skills -
If you do Yeah Yeah Yeah in perfect timing
so that the plants feel better, the special skill level of the plant
rises. Next, when you touch
the plant sign at the lower left,
you can use the skill that matches the level.
This can be used only during Yeah Yeah Yeah.

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