Zegeta Video Game



Buy and start the game with DS 3500 coins!
Inspired by real life characters in a real situation.

In the times of Fortuño & Leonel Fernandez, when Hipolito Mejia and Danilo Medina were in the rise of power, when Wisin y Yandel & Don Omar where the hit in the radio,
you will play as Nico in the prequel of the Zegeta storyline,
you need to collect the child support money, so Nico will not go to prison, and find lost gold chain before the time runs out. Help the Hero discover a secret that will change your life forever,

Also introducing DJ Jairo D'Oleo, the shopping district, In-Game Arcades and more.

If you like the classic and modern video games, then this game is for you.

Coming Soon: Travel to the Dominican Republic, more shops open and more...


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