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    Published: 2013-11-12, by .

    Flap the tiny bird across the beautiful nighttime ocean theatre set

    • Quietly beautiful design
    • Excellent sound and music
    • Simple yet skillful controls
    • Great for all ages
    • Unusual premise adds interest
    • None

    "Fly away home"

    It's a bizarre premise: play the part of a teeny bird flapping as far as he can across the ocean - but set onstage in a theatre. The execution is completely flawless, though, and the music and graphics are unusual and gorgeous. Salad Gamer's A Bird's Journey is a beautifully addictive little game.

    Control the flight of the bird protagonist by tapping judiciously - your energy meter will go down with each flap. Avoid the ships and buoys blocking your way, but skim across the surface of the waves as much as possible for bonus points. Get far enough and your friend the whale will help you burst forward into the next scene.

    The ambiance of this game is engrossing. The theatre set really looks as though it's made out of several layers of construction paper, and the color scheme is calming and attractive. The slightly electronic beat in the background is just lovely, and grows in complexity as you advance in level.

    The game is designed to slowly reward your efforts, offering small extras each time you complete a certain number of points. It keeps the flight fresh, and I found myself genuinely desiring to unlock more of the achievements.

    Salad Gamer's A Bird's Journey is extremely well-designed, simple, pleasing to look at, and great fun for casual gamers of any age.

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