A Ping Pong



A clone of the arcade classic pong game - as renewed version!

It is an ideal way to spend some time playing this game. A Ping Pong offers you a new and entertaining version, presenting you some fine features and game modes:

➤ single and two player mode
➤ 6 game modes
➤ statistics motivating you to improve your skills
➤ increasing difficulty
➤ increasing game speed that will improve your reflexes

➤ Quick Match: The tiny bite in between - a duel against an opponent of random strength.

➤ Challenge: Increase your score by winning agains every opponent. Win and the game sends you a stronger opponent. Lose and your opponent will transform into a tiny, whiny baby making it a lot easier for you to win.

➤ Survival: Collect as many points as possible by keeping the ball in the game preventing your opponent from scoring and survive, of course...

➤ Time Attack: The clock is ticking. Your opponent will make your life harder everytime the clock runs down.

➤ 1on1: Gather your friends around your tiny (and of course incredibly awesome!) mobile device and start the player vs. player mode to show them who the real boss is.

➤ Co-op: For 2 players. Cooperate and try to keep the ball rolling as long as you can.

Please send us your feedback and criticism about this little game and help us to improve A Ping Pong with every new version.

Have fun!

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