Adventure Chickens

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    Adventure Chickens

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    This is a fast-paced game that will test your reaction time to its limits!!!

    Play it often and get through the difficult levels and it just might drastically improve your reaction time!!!

    The game has 50 levels with varying degrees of difficulty.

    Once in a while, an adventure chicken will try to run away from the flock and get into trouble, simply TAP anywhere on the screen to knock it out and stop it. This is for their own good! There are lots of predators lurking around!
    Tap too quickly with no chickens running and you will get a penalty.

    Beware: In some levels, there are decoys! Other farm animals that will run across. Do not knock them out, or you get a score penalty. Knock too many decoys or miss too many chickens and you will fail the level.

    In advanced levels (Level 26 and up), if you are quick enough to stop a chicken really fast, it will lay a bonus egg!

    Remember: as you move up through the levels, the chickens and the decoys will get faster and trickier!

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