Adventure Of Kaomoji



It is a Mario-style action game.
To manipulate the characters in the controller, please lead to the goal.

□ How

○ controller

Character will move to the right to the left, and tilt the controller to tilt the controller left and right. The amount varies depending on the amount of movement of the character cant also.

○ on

You can enter into the door and press on standing in front of the door.

○ A button

My character will jump.
Amount of character to jump in the amount and press the A button changes.

○ B button

Character I want to dive.
You can break certain blocks.

□ Item

○ Money

By striking the item box, money will appear.
Collect 20 and I want to 1up.

○ Rare

Rare items are hidden.
There may be something and collected.

□ Note

Over android2.1: OS support

Authority must:

Internet access. I is required for display ad.

○ keyword

Action game, free, scroll, Action, Mario, Jump,

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