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    Published: 2012-09-05, by Peter Warrior.

    Run for the queen the farther the better

    • Free
    • Awesome graphics and sound
    • Great homage to spy parodies
    • It may be too difficult
    • It may lag on non top notch devices

    "00+add your lucky number here"

    Let's say it straightforward: this game is like that game in which you run from a temple, but you play the role of an running over-muscled spy cliche instead of a running short-sighted archaeologist cliche.

    However, graphics are better, and stages change from a volcano island villain HQ to a city. Indeed, graphics are awesome, though it may provoke some lag in not top notch devices and spoil the game. The music and sound effects are great too, clearly inspired by the spy movies we love best. Everything is well wrapped up in a parodic overall that makes you smile often, as if it was a fun oldie cartoon: our hero gets stamped against signs, look both sides before falling into a chasm and tumbles to dive into a pit trap. There are also a handful of different obstacles, though the actions our hero can perform are quite limited: move left or right, jump, slide and shoot.

    There's no use of the accelerometer. You change to the left lane by sliding leftwards and so. Anyway, so much wonderfulness comes with a price: the initial loading is exasperating and controls are hatefully unresponsive a moment before dying (got it?). Lastly, difficulty is much harder than any other similar game, to the point of desperation. If you are into social gaming, there's an easy option to challenge your Facebook friend to see who gets the higher score.

    User Interface is great. In short, it's great game, absolutely recommendable for 'runner' gamers with high-end devices, who will be able to make the most of this great game. The rest may give it a go, it's free and there aren't ads in the end.

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