Alien Defense 101


Alien Defense 101's review

Alien Defense 101 is a renewed vertical space shooter

  • Cute graphics
  • Intuitive controls (better if multitouch supported)
  • Entertaining
  • No ship upgrades

"Vertical space shooters facelifted"

Gameplay is still the same that the classic Space Invaders: you're the pilot of a spaceship who's trying to avoid an alien invasion on Earth. The main difference doesn't lie on gameplay but on graphics and performance.

Alien Defense 101 hand-drawn graphics have been carefully developed. No pixels here, not suitable for nostalgics. What's more, this is one of those mobile-native games regarding controls. This means that touchscreen matters (multitouch), although you can select from preferences trackball and menu button controls if you own a bad screentouch response device. Swipe up/down (left side of the screen) to steer the spaceship and tap to fire. Waves of enemies will show up, gradually more numerous as you progress through levels. You'll have to beat also final bosses.

There's no upgrading system for your spaceship. However, some aliens' ships when explode let a power-up that improves your health, weaponry or skills.

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