Alien Invaders Smasher



Aliens are invading us and you must smash them all!!

Play this fun and addictive game with beautiful graphics and try to smash and squish all the the bad aliens that appears on screen before they reach you. But watch out, there are some happy and cute aliens that you must not smash or you will lose life.

Ideal, fun, addictive and simple game for all the family, with a Kid Mode that makes the game more easy.


Tap on the aliens when the appear on screen before they reach the other end. There are 3 types of aliens:

-Normal Alien: These are the green and bad aliens, smash them to get points

-Boss Alien: These are the yellow aliens, if you smash them you will get more points than with Normal Alien.

-Happy Alien: These are the cute, happy and green little aliens. Don't touch them or you will lose life.

The Kid Mode lets you play without losing life when the aliens are out of the screen.

Have Fun!

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