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Alien is attacking. The war between human and ET starts. Lots of soldiers will die in this battle, but we get no choice. We have to fight. The president has launched a nuclear missile attack to the enemy’s spaceship, and you are the commander. Tons of UFOs will try to stop the missile, so we really need somebody with great skill. This is a difficult mission, but we know you can do it. Don’t let us down. Victory is ours!

Invasion Of Alien: Space War is a challenging addictive action game. The goal of this game is to blow up the enemies’ leader spaceship. Tilt the phone to move the missile around. Don’t get in touch with the UFOs.

• Addictive gameplay
• Fly in space
• Fight with alien
• Well-designed graphics and sounds
• It’s FREE!!!


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Tags: space war , spacewar alien themes

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