Alien Monkey



DotSun is a monkey with a mission. His tiny planet was recently invaded by a space-fungus which wiped out nearly all of the bananas! Following the ancient worm-hole network, DotSun located a planet with plenty of bananas: Earth! His only problem now.. Earth has plenty of company. Help DotSun outwit Crocodiles, Deer, Kangaroos and Elephants on his eternal quest to load up his space ship with good Earthling bananas! Navigate through four different fifteen-level words to test your mettle, your skill, and your luck. Help DotSun, get bananas!

Run and jump through the different worlds and use slingshots angry birds style to clear big gaps.


4 Worlds
15 Hand Designed Levels Per World
Dynamic Clouds
Procedural generated graphics will make the game look different every day you play