"Totally addictive, I can't put it down!!" 
-Ben C. New York, NY 

"Not your run of the mill UFO space game!" 
-James F., Chicago, Il

"Great graphics, amazing gameplay, what more could you ask for!" 
-Bailey K., San Diego, CA


With your planet on the brink of starvation, it is up to you to lead the invasion of earth and find food for your people. Take control of your trusty alien UFO and scour the plains for power ups, secrets, and alien portals... all while fighting off army hum-v's and military tanks. Abduct cows and send them through the portals to provide sustenance for your suppering planet. It's all up to you and you dont have much time!

This is sure to be THE NUMBER #1 APP in every country!!!


Pro Features: 

-Endless Levels with progressive difficulty
-Collect weapons power ups and blast through military defenses!
-Intuitive Scoring System
-Responsive touch controls 
-Absolutely no ads! 


A note about feedback: 
We strive to make affordable and fun apps that everyone can use. We appreciate all our user's positive and constructive comments and we do our best to incorporate your requests into future updates. So please, if you feel that we could improve this app in some way, please contact us and let us know. Thanks!