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    Welcome to my Castle Defence game. Prepare to defend your castle. The enemy is at your door. Call to arms and send out your troops in this classic side scrolling tower defense game.Dont wait and be first to unleash your warriors and bring him down. Choose between different unit types, use some magic to heal your troops or to call the thunder strike upon your foe.

    Destroy your enemy castle to win the game. If he will destroy yours you will loose.

    - Three different difficulty levels: Hard, Normal, Easy
    - Four different unit types: Archer, Warrior, Knight and Warlock
    - Three different castle defenders: Archer, Crossbowman and Warlock
    - Three spells: Heal, Repair and Thunder Strike.

    This game was inspired by old flash game called Age of War that I used to play few years ago.

    If you spot some bugs then please let me know and I'll try to fix it as fast as I can.
    This is the first release of the game, if you like please let me know by giving it a good rate. If there will be interest I will add new units, new levels and new features, like multiplayer that would let you fight with you friends. If you have some other ideas then just let me know and I'll try to implement them.

    Unit sprites based on free graphics by Clint Bellanger. Available at

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