Angry Space Defender




    This Best of Breed game is based on the classic game play of Asteroids, Angry Space Defender brings in more enemies including new bosses every ten levels and upgrades a plenty.

    This new way of playing introduces awards for achieving goals, ability to upgrade weapons with credits earned in game and a high score board shared by everyone playing around the world.

    Enemies include the traditional asteroid that splits into two every time it is hit. The UFO that zig-zags around the screen. The Bird-of-Prey that tries to ram you and the comet the zooms around bouncing off everything like a pin ball.

    At the end of every ten stages, you get to fight a boss based on these enemies. The King asteroid needs to be hit many times throwing off chunks every time hit. The Mother Ship is a large UFO that has shields and launches smaller UFOs. The six shooter is a giant ship that fires Bird-of-Preys straight at you. And finally the Sun boss has comets that fling out of it and a gravity well that wants to pull you in.

    Weapons include the traditional gun that fires single shots, the Sunbeam that fires a laser that penetrates everything it hits, the Shotgun that fires a spread of bullets and the Starburst that explodes taking out many enemies at a time.

    Defenses include the hyperspace that allows you to jump anywhere on the screen by touching the screen, the cloak allows you to pass harmlessly through enemies, armor which allows you to take half damage while active and the shield which causes enemies to bounce of you.

    At level 20, you can unlock Classic mode. This allows you to play the classic game trying get a high score more than anyone else in the world while earning credits to buy more weapons in the normal game!

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