apeTap - Reflexes of steel



Prove your reflexes and your skills with apeTap!

Choose a role between attacker and defender and beat your opponent (human or Tpat) in the upper part of the screen.

If you are the attacker, to win you have to pass over the other side of the screen a certain number of balls (5 or 7) within 45 seconds, on the contrary as a defender you will have to prevent that your opponent will be successful.

There are 4 modes of play:

-Multiplayer: Challenge your friends and trained for the great battles against Tpat, God of the balls.

-Challenges: Story-Version of the game, 100 challenges for attacker and defender. Win all of them to become a God of the balls.

-Infinity: Arcade-Version of the game, endless challenges of increasing difficulty to be faced in close round.

-Time: Another Arcade-Version where you have to resist as long as possible to the more and more heavy attacks of Tpat.

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