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SANTA JUMPER - The best christmas game ever!

Keep on jumping with Santa Claus in a winter wonderland! Help him collect all the presents for the children!

There are 2 options to play:

*** Unlock 6 levels. Each level has a mission to be fulfilled like bringing the stated number of the presents to be collected to the christmas tree.

*** Infinite game. Jump, jump, jump to the top like a free doodle jump game! How high can you get without falling? You can submit your score at the end.

* 3 different presents (value: 100, 250, 500 points)
* Reindeer = Santa can ride on it and it will bring him further up.
* Cookie = Santa will float.
* Devil = avoid him or else you will lose 100 points and he will even steal all your collected presents.

Enjoy the game and have a wonderful Christmas everyone! HO HO HO!

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