AyePhone Invaders Premium



Exactly the same as AyePhone Invaders, but without the Ads. Try the free version first - get it here: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.hugegreenbug.ai .

AyePhone Invaders is a 2D vertical space shooter. AyePhones and AyePads have invaded space and it is your job to destroy them before they cause the destruction of Earth.

There are 25 difficulty levels, multiple weapons, and multiple enemies.


In the near future, Grapple Corporation will launch their mobile devices into space. The purpose of sending these devices into space is to expand their market share after selling each of them to every human on Planet Earth (even infants).

They hope that previously undiscovered alien life forms would take a liking to their devices and order large quantities to bring back to their home worlds. Unfortunately, just like on Earth, Grapple Corporation will sign an exclusive deal with an unreliable cell carrier, which drops calls and data connections all over the universe.

Once the alien life forms try the AyeDevices and determine that they operate poorly, they could revolt and launch a wide scale attack on Earth.

You are Earth's greatest hope. Destroy the AyePhones and AyePads before the aliens discover them and get angry ...

Tags: cosmos vs invaders